Catwoman Hunted Full Movie PagalMovies 2022

Catwoman Hunted Full Movie PagalMovies Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Hindi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

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Catwoman: Huntered is an animated superhero film that was produced by Warner Bros. It’s based on Catwoman from DC Comics by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and is called Catwoman: Hunted. Animation for DC Entertainment. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released the movie on February 8, 2022. It is the 44th installment within the DC Universe Animated Original Movies(DCUAOM). Shinsuke Terazawa directed the film from Greg Weisman’s script.

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Catwoman Hunted Full Movie PagalMovies Review 2022

It features Elizabeth Gillies, Stephanie Beatriz and Jonathan Banks as the voices. OLM, a Japanese animation studio responsible for the Pokemon anime series provided their animation services along with Team Inoue. Catwoman is attempting to steal a precious jewel. Her heist places her in direct conflict with a powerful network of criminals and villains as well the ever-resourceful Interpol.

Weisman said that the film was “adjacent” with his animated series Young Justice. That means that a version of the film’s events happened in the universe of the cartoon, but not always with the exact same details.

Catwoman is able to infiltrate a party of gangsters hosted by Barbara Minerva, Spain. There, Black Mask, Gotham City’s mobster, is there looking for a place in Leviathan, Minerva’s crime cartel. Black Mask receives the Cat’s Eye Emerald as his entry fee. Catwoman immediately steals the gem and runs away from the gangsters who chase her. Batwoman blocks Catwoman’s way and Catwoman crashes her car. Minerva’s aide Tobias Whale retrieves the emerald. Minerva makes Catwoman a target for liquidation as a retribution for her theft.

Catwoman is taken into custody by Batwoman, Julia Pennyworth and King Faraday. Batwoman and her agents explain that the emerald had been rigged to be a tracking beacon and used to locate and kill Leviathan and his entire leadership. They offer Catwoman total amnesty for all her crimes in return for Catwoman’s cooperation. Catwoman agrees but Holly, her friend, calls to ask about the status a group of girls she has in her care.

After locating the exact location, Catwoman (Batwoman) infiltrate that meeting place and are forced to fight the hired assassins Cheshire [a] and Nosferata[a]. The Leviathan bosses Black Mask Tzin-Tzin, Doctor Tzin -Tzin, Mister Yakuza La Dama, Mister Yakuza, Mister Yakuza, Mister Yakuza, Mister Yakuza, Moxie Mannheim, and her demonic auxiliaries Morax and Morax and Morax and Morax join the fight. Minerva is able to escape after Whale and the cartel bosses are defeated. Catwoman accepts her pardon and walks off, seemingly ignoring the threat Minerva still poses for her life.


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